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Film Funnies | Quiz

Fancy yourself as a comedy connoisseur or a sit-com specialist? Well, why not put your money where your mouth is and test your mettle with the Film Funnies Quiz? You'll have ten minutes in which to guess the origin of twenty-five audio clips chosen at random from our database. Only the top ten players will make it on to our leaderboard. Could you be among the best of the best of the best?!


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Consider yourself a comedy connoisseur or a sit-com specialist? Why not test your mettle with our quiz? 25 clips to identify in 10 minutes. Just enter your name (nothing rude, please!) and where you're from to get started.

High Score Table

Want to be the best of the best? Well, you're up against some pretty stiff competition, so you're going to have to bring your A game!

1 Dan Weiss United States 25 06:54
2 Kieran Mitchum United States 18 04:58
3 James Stanhope United States 17 05:32
4 Jonathan South Africa 14 03:44
5 Andy Faulds United Kingdom 14 05:02
6 Rick United Kingdom 12 04:13