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Need a little help to get the best out of Film Funnies? You'll find it right here!

Browsing the site principally involves the use of our drop-down menu, accessed by pressing the following button in the top left hand corner of the page:
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This menu provides access to the eight principal areas of Film Funnies and, via the A-Z TITLES LIST, to our full selection of available titles which are organised alphabetically.

NEW! In a hurry? As of the 5th July 2023, you can use the search bar to quickly find and access any title you're looking for. Simply start to type the title into the search bar and then click on it in the drop-down.

You can also search the site for any instances of a word or phrase as featured in our thousands of clips. Just ignore the drop-down, type the word or phrase you're looking for and hit enter ("Search" on a mobile device) to search the entire database for your chosen word or dialogue.

Our new, improved RANDOMISER™ (accessed via the drop-down menu) will arbitrarily select fifty titles from our database and play one clip from each. Once you've enjoyed these fifty clips, you can refresh the page and press the play button on the audio controls to enjoy fifty more.

You are very welcome to download any and all clips featured on Film Funnies for your own personal use. And we've made it very easy. Adjacent to each clip you will find the following button:
MP3 Download Icon
Simply click on the MP3 button to automatically download the corresponding clip in MP3 format to your computer. If you have a default player specified for MP3 files, it may start playing in that software but you'll find the sound file in your default downloads folder.

Any clips which we identify as definitely being suited to use as a ringtone will additionally feature the following button:
M4R Download Icon
This denotes that the clip is also available in the proprietary Apple M4R format. Clicking this button will download the clip in a format ready for importing into iTunes and transferring to your iPhone or iPad.

Want to send a link to one of our MP3 clips to a friend? Click on the following button:
Copylink Icon
A link to the file will be copied to your clipboard. Then simply paste it in to your e-mail client. Simples!

NOTE: The downloading of clips will not work on a mobile device or tablet in most cases. You'll need to be viewing Film Funnies on a PC or Mac in order to make use of this feature. If you have trouble with this feature, right-click on the relevant button and select "SAVE LINK AS..." from the context menu or use the menu button on your browser's audio control which will provide you with a similar option.

If you love what we do, you might like to consider helping us to make Film Funnies even better. And whilst it sounds gauche, the best way to help is to make a small donation via buymeacoffee.com which will go towards the cost of hosting the site and purchasing additional titles.

You can also support the site by buying or streaming titles or purchasing associated merchandise via the WATCH / BUY button on our title pages. We get a small kick-back from every purchase made which helps to monetise the site and boost our meagre revenue.

You might also like to consider dropping us a line via our CONTACT PAGE to suggest titles we've missed or which you feel would fit in perfectly amongst our existing library. If you're feeling especially generous, we'd very much welcome a list of timestamps for your suggested title highlighting the clips you feel would make it a worthy addition.

We're human and, therefore, prone to the occasional mistake. But with the site growing at an exponential rate, it's often not easy to spot them! And that's where you come in! If you spot a mistake (even if it's just a typo), we'd love to hear from you via our CONTACT PAGE. Let us know where you spotted the error and we'll correct it. If you encounter a dead link or a page which doesn't work as expected or intended, please let us know. It would be helpful to know how you were visiting it (i.e. a link from a search engine or a direct URL entry) and upon which device and browser you encountered the issue. We are keen to ensure that Film Funnies works for everybody every time so please don't hesitate to let us know if something is amiss.

You're not visiting the right website for help with this. In fact, we strongly recommend that you leave your keyboard alone and seek proper medical advice.

The Film Funnies website and the Film Funnies clapperboard logo are Copyright ©2019-2024 Film Funnies and no part of the site or logo may be copied, used (in whole or in part) or reverse-engineered without the express written permission of the copyright owner. Film Funnies is administered in the UK and hosted in the USA and appropriate laws of each jurisdiction therefore apply to both the site itself and its component parts. These include (but are not limited to) HTML, PHP, CSS, JPEG, PNG, SVG and Javascript entities.

Audio clips used in this website are exclusively captured, edited and produced by Film Funnies for personal entertainment use only. Copyright for the audio remains with the original copyright owner (including but not limited to the performer, writer, studio and distribution company) and shall not be used for any commercial purpose or public performance without their prior, written permission.

Any views expressed in the audio clips presented herein are those of the original producers and distributors and do not constitute those of Film Funnies who shall not be liable to any legal proceedings on the basis thereof.

This site is hosted on a secure server and utilises coding which prevents unauthorised access to the server or to the raw files which reside thereon. The IP address of any person attempting to access this site in a way not anticipated or intended by the author or host will be recorded and may be reported to the relevant authorities.

Your privacy is something that we take very seriously. We are fully GDPR-compliant and have a published PRIVACY POLICY which explains everything you need to know about your data and what we may or may not do with it.

Film Funnies does not encourage the use of the site by persons under the age of fourteen years since, in places, it contains crude language and sexual dialogue. Parental supervision is strongly advised. The "rating" metatag employed on previous versions of this site to automatically bar access to browsers monitored by Net Nanny™ and similar parental control software, has sadly since been deprecated. We have implemented other code which should prevent access but there is no substitute for appropriate supervision of any child using the internet.

We introduced the Film Funnies Quiz in May 2023 in order to provide visitors with an increased level of interactivity with the site. Essentially, players have ten minutes in which to correctly identify the sources of twenty-five randomly selected clips. Only the top ten scores will appear on our High Score Table so you'll need to think fast. In order to play, you'll need to enter your name and where you're from and the time will start ticking the moment you hit the START QUIZ button. Those of you playing on a desktop machine should find that the clips will play automatically but if you're on a mobile device, you'll need to press the PLAY (►) button for each question before selecting from the five possible answers. If you notice any issues with the quiz, please let us know as it's one of the most complicated features we've ever added and we're keen to get it right!

Oh, and please don't enter anything rude or offensive as your name as any such entries will be deleted.

Don't worry. Visiting this site, despite its media-rich content, will not unwittingly eat up your mobile (cellular) data allowance. We do not use pre-load and, therefore, you will only download clips that you choose to listen to. Despite this, we do recommend that you limit your use of Film Funnies to situations where you are able to make use of a broadband connection. This is especially true in instances where visitors opt to use the Randomiser™ or "Play All" facility on a title page. You have been warned!

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